La Neuroposture

The Neuroposture is a forefront innovative method of diagnosis et therapy ahead of our times

It's with great pleasure that we invite you to browse through this website. You will discover this universal, simple, and natural method which allows you to understand and utilise your body's amazing healing potential.

"We are not born to suffer, we simply make mistakes unknowingly."
Dr. Jean-Pierre SCHWENCK

Our mission is to help every person who wishes to improve their health and quality of life by introducing them to these wonderful natural methods.


No need for medication, devices, or personal assistance can be used without any help


Uses only specific body movements


It points to and gets rid of the reasons of discomfort immediately

Can be used by anyone

From a newborn (with parentaly complicity) until a centenarian


Thanks to previously mentioned properties

A l'origine

Jean-Pierre Schwenck était médecin généraliste exerçant en Alsace entre 1976 et 2016...

En savoir plus

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